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Management Services

Sales Management
·        Establish sales processes and efficiency gains, by creation of best practices and training sales force in using them
·        Active sales management of sales organization by implementation of sales strategies, tactics and actions
·        Day-to-day management through implementation and execution of reporting procedures, personnel management etc.
Marketing Management
·        Develop and produce marketing and business plans 
·        Analyze customer needs, potential market size and competitive situation (market analysis) 
·        Recommend the preferred business approach 
·        Identify best tools for lead generation and sales activities 
·        Establish internal business practices. 
Market Communication
·        Advise, develop and implement market communication strategy and activities in line with the company’s commercial objectives and budgets 
·        Develop market communication infrastructure and platforms for pre- and post-sales support 
·        Structure and original copy for sales support material (electronic and print). 
·        Liaise and collaborate with creative and production agencies 
·        Train personnel in use of sales support material within the sales process, commercial scientific writing, and development of sales tools
General Business Management
·        Advise, develop and implement tools to improve strategic performance management methodologies
·        Defining your organization’s critical success factors
·        Advise in motivating and retaining personnel
·        Implementing strategies through planning, organizing, motivating and control.

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